Jenkins & Groovy – accessing build parameters

We’re using Jenkins version 1.651 with the Groovy plugin for Jenkins version 1.4.

I had real trouble getting access to the build parameters when trying to run a groovy script build step using the recommended methods of which there are many.

From the plugin documentation:

// Retrieve parameters of the current build
def foo = build.buildVariableResolver.resolve("FOO")
println "FOO=$foo"

This doesn’t work.

From Jenkins help:

def thr = Thread.currentThread()
 def build = thr.executable
 // get build parameters
 def buildVariablesMap = build.buildVariables
 // get all environment variables for the build
 def buildEnvVarsMap = build.envVars
String jobName = buildEnvVarsMap?.JOB_NAME

This also doesn’t work but I believe that’s because the groovy script isn’t running in the same process as the Jenkins job (or so I’ve heard).

I also tried the Jenkins wiki that suggested:

import hudson.model.*

// get current thread / Executor
def thr = Thread.currentThread()
// get current build
def build = thr?.executable

// get parameters
def parameters = build?.actions.find{ it instanceof ParametersAction }?.parameters
parameters.each {
   println "parameter ${}:"
   println it.dump()
   println "-" * 80
// ... or if you want the parameter by name ...
def hardcoded_param = "FOOBAR"
def resolver = build.buildVariableResolver
def hardcoded_param_value = resolver.resolve(hardcoded_param)

println "param ${hardcoded_param} value : ${hardcoded_param_value}"


So, to the solution…

import hudson.model.*
def foobar = System.getenv("FOOBAR")

It’s so simple it’s painful.


5 thoughts on “Jenkins & Groovy – accessing build parameters

  1. Jayakumari

    In Jenkins, I am using ‘Validation String Parameter’ as one input parameter ‘COMPANY_NAME’.
    I need to get it in groovy script in Build secion.
    Using the below code, I am unable to get the my custom build parameter.
    import hudson.model.*
    def companyName= System.getenv(“COMPANY_NAME”).
    It returns null.


    1. Jayakumari

      I got it. It worked using the below groovy code code.

      def build = this.getProperty(‘binding’).getVariable(‘build’)
      def listener = this.getProperty(‘binding’).getVariable(‘listener’)
      def env = build.getEnvironment(listener)
      println “COMPANY_NAME = “+ env.COMPANY_NAME


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